A (Belated) February Supper Club Update

Alright, I’m running a tad behind with this one, I know. But if hadn’t been such a short month, it would only be, like, February...40th?

To make up for what has surely been your unrequited longing for my updates, I’ll give you lots and lots of pictures. Enjoy. (Click each of the pics to view large version.)

February’s Supper Club church service was led by Pastor Phil Allen of Own Your Faith Ministries. Phil and OYF showed up in a big way, with great music, and over 20 super engaged volunteers.

Everyone got in on the good times, including our friend Natasha and her newborn baby Kameron. (Our followers on IG will remember Natasha from the baby shower we put together for her a few months back.) When new volunteers ask what they should do at Supper Club, I always say this: “Sit down, eat, and make a new friend.” There was plenty of that going on:

Oh, and the food was pretty good, too. Brooks, Pushpa, and I are running a smooth show in the kitchen. This month we served fettuccine alfredo with chicken, broccoli and tomatoes. It was a filling meal, but every serving got packed away, with many seconds and thirds handed out.

Thank you to our donors who made this month’s dinner possible, including Own Your Faith Ministries, our friends Ryan and Leyna, Kyle and Courtney, Daniel and Kristen, Dan and Shelley, Bill, and Erik.

An extra special thank you to Victoria, who volunteered her time and talent to take these (and many other) great pictures of the event.

Back soon - possibly even in March - with the next recap.