Pasadena Community Supper Club is an outgrowth of friendships formed through the breaking of bread.

Teesha and Fred, Corey, and Brooks - together with respective spouses and other friends - met through a weekly church-sponsored community group. It became clear rather quickly that the dinner portion of their time together was an entrée (pun intended) for deep conversations about their shared faith and the call to love one another, particularly the poor and marginalized around the city.

A tension arose: how to reconcile the material poverty they saw on the streets with the meals they ate together each week at their community group? While never extravagant, the food they prepared and served to each other required time and disposable income. All their talk finally turned into action, and the group began volunteering together through Union Station Homeless Services’ Adopt-a-Meal program. The goal? Serve the same quality of food they enjoyed each week to the shelter's guests.

The conversations, the Adopt-a-Meals - and, yes, the weekly dinners - continued, and gradually the outline of a more ambitious plan emerged. The group, with the support of friends and family, local churches, and other organizations, would put the pieces in place to serve more people, more often.

The Pasadena Community Supper Club officially launched on July 22, 2018, with a dinner and faith-based community service for the residents of Centennial Place, a supportive residence for formerly homeless citizens of Pasadena. The Club’s dinners will continue on the fourth Sunday of each month at Centennial Place, made possible by the generosity of volunteers and donors.

As financial support grows and new opportunities arise, Pasadena Community Supper Club will expand its dinner events to serve more people in the Pasadena and greater Los Angeles area.


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