Teesha Hadra


Teesha is the host and organizer of Pasadena Community Supper Club events. She is a recovering attorney, pastor-in-training, soon-to-be-published author, ordinary radical, and somewhat reluctant occupier of the limelight.


Fred Hadra


Fred's demand that the team call him "Chef" continues to be met with patronizing glances. He is blissfully unaware that Animal Planet fabricated their entire 2012 documentary, "Mermaids: The Body Found."


Pushpa Samuel

Volunteer Recruitment

Pushpa makes the rest of the team look better by bringing years of experience working in a nonprofit environment. Also, she is an excellent cook, singer, and selfless servant in any and all things. Not a month goes by that she does not bring one or ten new volunteers to our dinners.


Brooks Ballentine


Brooks is a man with an actual plan, and sometime holder of Fred's leash. In the early days of Supper Club he once asked "Have we thought about how this is actually going to happen?" The blank stares he received told him all he needed to know. He shook his head and got to work, and for that we're immensely grateful.


Corey Howard


Talk to Corey for two minutes, and we think you’ll agree that Corey is among the nicest people you could ever meet. He is also a man of surprising contradictions: a connoisseur of remarkably nerdish board games while also possessing a 30 inch vertical leap on the basketball court.